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Pipe and drain lining and / or patching is a method of insertion. A resin coated ‘bag’ is placed within a pipe and inflated to create a new wall and flow through a damaged pipe.

Liners and patches can be used in circumstances where pipes have become damaged, but excavation may be impracticable or too costly. Commonly they may cover a crack in a line which allows roots to enter and clog a run or similar.

We are equipped and off the shelf can supply and install patches and liners up to 150mm as standard and larger when pre-booked.


Old pitch fibre pipes from the 1970’s deform over time. Having been made from wood fibre and coal tar many of these pipes are well past their design life of 40 years.

However, through the use of specialist equipment involving a winch system with a re-rounding pig, pipes can, if not too blistered and deformed, undergo drain re-rounding and with the subsequent insertion of a pre-formed liner, be given a new lease of life.

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