Septic tanks collect wastewater and sewage from properties and businesses that do not have a connection to the the mains sewer. 


Waste travels from the property’s toilet to the septic tank via a wastewater pipe.

It enters the septic tank through an Inlet T-Piece. 


Once the liquid reaches the level of the outlet pipe in the first chamber it overflows into the second chamber. Naturally occurring bacteria break down the waste.

When the waste settles in the first chamber it separates into three layers. 


The bottom layer is known as sludge. This is more dense waste that has built up over time.

The middle layer is unclean water (or liquor).

The top layer is the scum or crust. This is solids that have not yet broken down.

Our tanker will remove the top and bottom layers.


The separation process will repeat depending on how many sections your septic tank has.

The remaining liquid is expelled into a soak-away or drainage system.

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