Repeated blockages and unexplained foul smells can both be indicators of a severe underlying sewer or drain problem such as a structural defect or even a collapsed sewer or drain pipe.

Rescue Rod’s Sewer Renovation & Relining Division is fully equipped with the most up-to-date sewer renovation equipment and methods to ensure that any problem is dealt with speedily and effectively by our experienced engineers. This means that we are able to work on larger projects and provide complete solutions from one source, with minimum cost, inconvenience or disruption for our customers. Rescue Rod’s armoury of the very latest, state-of-the-art equipment offers customers a complete “no dig” solution in many cases.

Drainage Solutions no matter what the problem is.

  • Full CCTV survey and report
  • Localised patch repair
  • Complete relining of sewers
  • Pipe re-rounding
  • HydroCut System for circular and egg-shaped pipes
  • All types of pipe material can be considered for renovation